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From setting fitness goals to fitness motivation or diet plans or workout plans or general health tips.  Your fitness goals could be build strong and muscular body or fat burning and weight loss or build strength or build stamina and increase energy or developing flexibility or stress management, we hope to provide top fitness and health tips, articles on workouts, diet plans, motivation, exercises, bodybuilding, and lot more,   aimed at addressing all your health and fitness needs.  So do keep coming back for more fitness and health tips for men and women, and other health and fitness articles on a regular basis. Hope you find these smart health and fitness hacks and tips helpful. 

Top 7 tips to boost your Fitness Motivation

If youre looking to seek fitness motivation, look no further. Following are top 7 tips to boost your Fitness Motivation to achieve your fitness goals, be it weight training to lose weight or burn fat, or strength training and bodybuilding.  Be it your gym workouts and exercises or sticking to certain diet and nutrition, we hope to keep adding more articles, that include new motivational ideas, tricks, fitness quotes and challenges.

Fitness Goals

Start by defining your fitness goals. What is it that you want to achieve, be it weight loss and fat burn, or building a strong and well built body or transforming your body, preparing for a sporting competition, or develop flexibility, or improve general health and fitness or stress management. Make sure there’s a specific target and deadline, such as losing certain weight by certain day, or losing few inches off the waistline, make sure you split the big goal into smaller goals and each goal is time bound and target to achieve it within certain dateAs an example, if you wish to say reduce your weight by 5 kilos in two months, you may want to consider setting a smaller and progressive  goals of say 73 kilos by June 22nd and 70 kilos by July 22nd.

Tweak your Mindset

Like in all aspects of life, the difference in achieving and wanting to achieve that, is the level of motivation and urge of how bad you want it. Visualize achieving your fitness goal even before you embark on your fitness journey and keep doing it day in day out, especially at the beginning of the day and before you hit the gym or start doing the exercises or before the jog or run. More frequent the better, it can be as frequent as right before each set of lift of the weight or exercise. Visualize your well built muscles and strong body, the new confidence and the attention you receive, if that motivates you. Strike a power pose.

Self talk and affirmations may help as well.  More about Fitness Motivation